Unlock your Data potential

We all have information that can help our customers be more successful, in this digital age we are gathering and storing more data than any generation in history and we are in a unique position to unlock the immense value of your Data potential.

To unlock the potential within data, companies need to turn to a solution that can meet the demands of an ever changing business, be simple enough for everybody to use and be flexible to manage even the most complex of requirements.

Food Service Network, a provider of an online procurement solution, serving the hospitality sector with customers that include Netcare, Medicross, By word of Mouth and more, recently turned to OQLIS to unlock the potential of their procurement data. By providing their customers with access to the OQLIS portal, they’ve enabled self service reporting, reduced the time to generate reports as well as increase the stickiness of their own application by revealing the wealth and richness of data.

Put us to the test and we will unlock your data potential, book a demo at www.oqlis.com or contact Shawn Winterburn at shawn@oqlis.com