The inevitability of Self Service Business Intelligence

Self-service Business Intelligence is an approach to data analytics that enables all users to analyse corporate data even though they do not have a background in statistical analysis or data mining. Self service allows users to make decisions based on their own queries, freeing up information teams from creating adhoc reports.  This allows those teams to refocus to value add goals and reduce overall costs.

As Self-service BI software is used at both ends of the tech-savvy scale, it is important that the user interface be intuitive and the information simple to digest. Ideally, training should be focused on helping users understand what data is available and how that information can be queried to aid data-driven decisions in order to solve business problems.

Providing a top down base suite of reports and dashboards will help users get familiar with the data and provide a platform to explore, ensuring that business decisions are enhanced and not stifled due to the rate of adoption of a new a tool.

While self-service BI encourages users to base decisions upon data that support intuition, flexibility may cause confusion where there is no data governance. Organisational policy should define the key metrics for success, as well as the governance around sharing, access, data quality, security and privacy.

How do you know if you are self service empowered…

  1. Can you create new dashboards without your IT team?
  2. Is your data available in real time?
  3. Can you share any data discovery with colleagues in a secure manner?

If your answers aren’t YES, it is time to explore self service Business Intelligence.
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