Keeping your business’s information safe, should be high on your radar, as data is one of a business’s most crucial assets, whether it’s transactions, communication, or even a database. 

By protecting your data, you retain data integrity, prevent data breaches and ensure your data is safely out of the hands of competitors.

The battle against cybercrime is never-ending, which is why today’s password security demands endless innovation. From phishing attacks to sophisticated malware, cybercriminals are ruthless in their pursuit of your information. 

Another important consideration is ensuring your data is protected before absolutely any analysis takes place. Data security will become a vital component when choosing your next data analytics partner. Because, as everyone knows, it’s no longer safe to use the same old passwords to protect our identities online. One sure way to mitigate risk is to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that your account is always protected. 

Although passwords have been widely used to protect online accounts, they are no longer safe. The increasing sophistication of cyber threats, along with technological advancements, make it impossible for us to rely on conventional security measures to protect our businesses and data. 

Multi-factor authentication is a core component of a strong identity and access management (IAM) policy. Your data specialist needs to constantly scan your network to ensure the highest levels of protection are met. Or you can seek support from a leading-edge data analytics supplier that relies on the expertise of our highly dedicated team, authentification tracking and innovative monitoring software to protect your data.

Shawn Winterburn, CEO at OQLIS says “Two-Factor-Authentication will give our clients peace of mind to grow and scale, knowing their data is safe and secure. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer experience, offer value-added features and deliver innovative solutions.”

In addition to multi-factor authentication, here are some ways to secure your accounts:

  • Create long & strong passwords (and don’t advertise them)
  • Use Authentication Apps or Password Managers
  • Only visit secure sites
  • Don’t just close a program, log-off

With security breaches affecting organisations of all sizes, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are protected in your data analytics environment. OQLIS makes the data security process more accessible. It uses behavioral analytics with a single sign-on to dramatically increase security without disrupting your business operations.

We’re making it easier to protect your business and data through MFA.